Latest release

This library is distributed on PyPI and can be installed with pip.

The latest release is version 0.0.1.

$ pip install abexp

The command above will automatically install all the dependencies listed in requirements.txt.

Info for developers

The source code of the project is available on GitHub.

$ git clone

You can install the library and the dependencies from the source code with one of the following commands:

$ pip install .                        # install library + dependencies
$ pip install .[develop]               # install library + dependencies + developer-dependencies
$ pip install -r requirements.txt      # install dependencies
$ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt  # install dependencies + developer-dependencies

As suggested by the authors of pymc3 and pandoc, we highly recommend to install these dependencies with conda:

$ conda install -c conda-forge pandoc
$ conda install -c conda-forge pymc3

To create the file abexp.whl for the installation with pip run the following command:

$ python sdist bdist_wheel

To create the HTML documentation run the following commands:

$ cd docs
$ make html

Run tests

Tests can be executed with pytest running the following commands:

$ cd tests
$ pytest                                      # run all tests
$ pytest                   # run all tests within a module
$ pytest -k test_testname  # run only 1 test